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    The stock characters of blackface minstrelsy have played a significant role in disseminating racist images, attitudes and perceptions worldwide.

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    Comment by MajinUltima Do note that ANY pet with a heal or, better yet, a Stoneskin of 86+ can solo Mr Terrible without issue. (Emerald Proto-Whelp will have a hard

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    Megacolon means large colon. It’s a disorder resulting from too much waste accumulation in the bowel, which causes it to enlarge. The condition is much more common

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    Apr 10, 2013 · Famine is often considered one of the worst natural disasters on Earth. Its effects are widespread, and the damage caused by a famine can last for months

    Someone might just be hating, but Hannah Hooper of the band Grouplove swears up and down XTina smells like hot s — and she has ever since she was a

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    “Bad Cover Version” is a song by British rock band Pulp, from their 2001 album We Love Life. It was released 15 April 2002 as the second single from the album

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    A closer look at some of the injuries that occur most often in car accidents.

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    You never know what’s going to happen each year when it starts to get chilly out and you need winter gear for the barn and the barn babies. Water Troughs

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    Amid criticism, the Canadian Wheat Board’s Single Desk marketing power officially ended on 1 August 2012 as a result of Bill C-18, also known as the Marketing Freedom

    Learn all about the health benefits associated with consuming ginger such as relieving gastrointestinal irritation, reducing exercise-induced muscle pain and

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